Boulange des Campagnards

In collaboration with Pascal Blais Studio and directed by Kun Chang, here is the commercial for “La Boulange des Campagnards”.

The first technical challenge was getting super high res models of the bread. Knowing that we would do close ups and slow motion on a specific bread, the best approach was to 3d scan the bread. We’ve ended with a few dozens pieces and million of polygons to play with.

Another challenge was getting photo-realistic shading and lighting. We’ve used the 8k diffuse maps coming from the scan in combination with customs maps to build the perfect shader that would work on most of the pieces. Finding the right the balance of sub-surface scattering between crust and bread crumb was also quite difficult.

Everything was done in Cinema4d, render in Octane, and comp in After effect.
We’ve pushed the hardware to the maximum as most of the scene had over 10M polygons and a bunch of 8k maps.

Agency: Cundari
Director: Kun Chang
Visual Effects: Fabien Fulchiron / Pascal Blais Studio
Producer: Pascal Blais Studio