I am LeFulch, a Montreal-based strategic thinker, super organised motion designer, and optimistic art director.

A little background

I grew up in France with my mother, who taught me the fundamentals in human relations: courtesy, respect, and love. Though I didn’t put that in practice enough when I was young, I’ve realized these were key to healthy relationships.

I got my first job in a web company, doing seven designs a week pushes your creativity to its limit. After a year, I bought a one way ticket to Montreal, to see if my “French touch” could have some value there! I quickly found great opportunities in motion design and 3d in advertising first, and feature films later on.


Passion. That’s the first word that comes to my mind. I love doing what I do. There seems to be no end to the possibilities of creating something new!

Now, I’m lucky enough to work with brilliant people. I believe the first part of a project is about vision, the other part is about collaboration and team work. I really enjoy solving creative problems and seeing the solution brought to life. I want everything to be the best it can be, that’s the responsibility I have to my clients and my team.